Where’s all my smart people?

It always amazes me when I log onto Facebook or Twitter and see “The Trends”. Honestly, sometimes it depresses me. Some days it makes me want to poke out my own eye just so I won’t have to see it anymore. I finally had to unfollow People Magazine. I was about 30 seconds away from chucking my phone out the window. One article about any of the “Dash” clan is just one too many!

I like to follow people on social media because they are smart, funny, strong people who are making a difference. Why? It’s simple. I was the fat kid. When you grow up being “the fat kid” there are really only two things to do; read and eat. Late night kitchen experiments were always fun too. The downside though is when they were successful; there was really no one to brag to because I had only a few friends. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time reading and eating, and I had the ass to prove it!

What made the entire childhood situation worse though was the move from the country to the city. You lose social points and do not impress new friends if you are the fat kid and you have a “weird country accent”. I was pretty much screwed from the beginning. It also didn’t help my case that my first day at my new school I sat down and farted rather loudly I might add, after being introduced to the class. Isn’t that nice? My luck! Never fails! Just chalk that up to crap that only happens to me.

Fortunately for me, my mother decided that Catholic School was the answer to all our problems. I went kicking and screaming. Elementary school was fine. It wasn’t until halfway through High School that things started to deteriorate. I got kicked out. Apparently, throwing a bucket filled with water over a bathroom stall isn’t “proper bathroom etiquette”. Well thank God at least I didn’t fart!

Eventually, things worked out and I got on the right track. Granted, my path was over the damn river and through the woods; but I got there. Beauty comes from the inside. I should know, I was told that every day of my fat kid life – and it was usually followed by the half smile, and look of empathy.



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