Safety First!

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went to Atlantic City. Don’t even get me started on my disappointment over certain events! But, something amazing happened. I went outside to smoke, and met someone who was funny and intelligent. Now, I had planned on going back to my room to listen to a Webcast but something told me to stick around and listen. I can’t explain it. Sometimes I just get these gut feelings and I decided a long time ago to just go with it.

A group of twenty -somethings came out and started a conversation with me. One of the girls asked me for my telephone number. I said no, and then I apologized to her. I felt a little guilty but then I thought “I don’t know you, why would I give you that information?”  One of them ended up snagging my “Walking Dead” lighter because I was not paying attention. I got it back later luckily though.  When they left, “Miss Cute and Bubbly” said to me “Be safe”. I just thought that was so odd! Be safe. What twenty year old says that? None that I know!

There was also a guy who was bothering two young girls who were waiting for the elevator in our hotel lobby. He was getting loud, and I looked over at my boyfriend. I have zero patience so it was only maybe fifteen seconds before I walked over and said to the girls “Is this guy bothering you?” I ushered them into the elevator and unfortunately Mister “I just want to talk and get to know them” followed. Oh joy! When he exited for some reason an episode of Saturday night Live popped into my head “Buh-bye now!”

Several of my feeds on Facebook and Twitter this week have spoken about safety, both online and in social settings. Back to the “safety issue”. Weird! Once or twice I could dismiss it as coincidence. My internal battle between faith and science! But sometimes your angels give you signs. Sometimes, as in my case, they have to pound it over your head. I’m a little stubborn!

Be aware of your surroundings. Be careful of what you post on social media. The “location” button on your cell phone is tied to numerous social apps. Sometimes you don’t even think about it. I know I don’t. But, I also happen to be one of those naïve people that likes to see the good in everyone. That isn’t a good thing. It will come back to bite you in the ass if you are not careful.


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