Do The Eccentric Slide Away From Negative Ned and Nancy!

To say that I am eccentric is definitely an understatement. I like my funky socks, my Bing Crosby Christmas music at Christmas time, and a ring that I got at a bookstore. I went in there looking for something else entirely, and saw it in a glass case. It has an inscription of Proverbs on it; the words “Strength, Honor, Wisdom, Kindness” float around a ring of diamond chips. I love it because I try very hard to encompass and live those words, and also because its purdy!

For the third time this week, the subject of bullying has come up either in conversation, or in my social media feeds. That’s partially the reason why I tweeted a link to a commercial that featured a certain brand of battery. It was the message of that commercial that struck me. It was sheer genius in my opinion, and I don’t really even follow football!

The other day I saw a twitter user send an extremely hateful tweet to someone that I follow. It absolutely infuriated me to the point that I actually tweeted back. Then the ugliness turned to me. I just sat staring at my phone laughing. It just wasn’t worth my time and efforts to even acknowledge it. Unfortunately, I am familiar with the “online haters”. I once wrote an opinion piece that was published on a website. The backlash I received was twelve pages long! I just sat there staring at it like it was a dog singing show tunes. It was completely mesmerizing! I just couldn’t even believe it! The comments got really, really personal. At first I got upset. It wasn’t until halfway through page three that I came out of my web induced coma and realized that I had just wasted fifteen minutes of my life. Where’s Cher when you need her? That turning back time thing would’ve come in really handy at that moment!

It absolutely amazes me how negativity can spread like a cancer, especially online. One instance that I can remember distinctly was an episode of a tv show that I used to watch that featured one of my idols. Online comments about a particular episode blew up! It actually made the news. It was like a bad car accident where you go from sitting in traffic thinking “Geez, I hope everyone is ok” to “I better see two tow trucks, an ambulance, and a firetruck when I drive by”. It just steamrolled out of control! It was unbelievable! I admit that I went to the website and I started to read what people had posted. At first I thought “You go Caddie65!” and “my thoughts exactly sistasoul23”! But something hit me. Every single person who posted and read- myself included, had wasted energy. We fed into that negativity.

Video’s that are popular are called “Viral” because they spread quickly. There are just some days that I think Youtube is like Disneyland. It’s just magical. It even has unicorns! Of course, I’ve never been to Disneyland because we really couldn’t afford vacations like that when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure though that they don’t have unicorns there. According to my Facebook meme’s, Mark Zuckerberg is giving away one. Maybe Disney should call him!

I’d like to think that if something I did went viral, it went viral for all the right reasons. It gave someone hope, or made someone laugh. I happen to believe that if you put out the right energy it will bring you possibilities that you just can’t even imagine. My ring is my physical everyday reminder to live those core values. Of course, no one is perfect. In the moments that I’m not though, somehow karma finds a way to tell me.



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