Let’s Celebrate Words and Pictures!

I received an email today that I did not understand. It was confusing but it reminded me of one of the best movies that I have seen in a long time. It was a film called “Words and Pictures”. The theme of the movie was the conflict between what we see, what we read, and how each individual interprets the meaning of it. That made me think about some of the news that I’ve been seeing lately, and things that have been in my social media feeds. On our cell phones we have smiley faces, and the “thumbs up” icon. I know what those mean to me, but what do they mean to others?
I thought about that as I thought about other symbols. What is the International symbol of peace and tranquility? It is a Dove. Just one small icon that means so much to so many. It says there is hope. It says I hear you and I understand what you are communicating me. It is a meeting of the minds that crosses barriers culturally, spiritually, and symbolically. It forms an alliance and knocks down obstacles that may seem to some to be insurmountable.

The meaning of our words can place an undue burden on others sometimes. At other times, they are an arm of comfort wrapped around someone else in a time of despair. It is why we read a book and cry, or laugh, or giggle at a joke. Our words have so many meanings. Is it mourning, or morning? Are those tears of the son, or tears of the sun like rain?
The colors of the American Flag are Red, White, and Blue;but what do those colors represent? Red is the color of fire and blood; but it also represents passion, desire, hunger and love. Blue is the color of the sky and of the seas. Both are endless, bold, deep, and represent life. Our birds can soar in both places. Blue brings peace and tranquility; but it is also a color of strength and unity, as demonstrated by the uniforms that the Military and Police wear. It is the color of brotherhood. The color white represents light and innocence. It is also considered to be the color of humility, sincerity, and illumination. It’s a clean slate, a fresh start. That is what I believe the United States should be. It should embrace and celebrate all of those ideas. We have the freedom to decide don’t we?
If I could choose one symbol to represent myself it would be that of a Tiger, wearing funky socks of course! The Tiger is fierce. It is also symbolic of sheer determination, willpower, strength, and courage. Tigers are beautiful too, I just happen to think that strength and courage from the inside makes us beautiful on the outside as well. If you could choose just one symbol, one international sign for everyone to know and understand you, what would it be? Would you communicate that meaning to others, or would those words and pictures get lost in the translation?


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