A Marine, a Horse and Justice

A celebrity that I follow tweeted a year or so ago about calling our Congressmen about Horses. It wasn’t worded that way but when I read it, I thought to myself “Are we petitioning about horseback rides?” I didn’t know what she was referring to. I sat there for a second thinking about it. I wanted to know what she was talking about. She doesn’t tweet that often. When she does it’s about issues that are important to her. So, being the curious “why” kinda gal that I am I google searched it. She’s a huge animal rights activist so I started there. Of course, my angels were busy helping me and whatever it was that I typed in brought up the result. Three link clicks later I had my answer. What I read absolutely infuriated me! It involved funding to “oversee” horse slaughter “activities”. I just sat there thinking “You’ve got to be kidding me”.  I replied to her tweet with the link to the Humane Society Article.

I wondered how many people would in fact get outraged enough to send a letter or email. If they did, would they give up after not getting a response? My pessimism was not without merit. I sent a Facebook message once to a certain Congressman in California about a U.S. Soldier who was held in Mexico because he accidentally crossed the border when he made a wrong turn. The Mexican authorities detained him, and he sat in prison.

When I sent the Facebook message I provided my email address, and cell phone number. I begged him to get involved. I never even got one of those polite yet irritating “thank you for your concern” replies. After a few days I sent an e-mail and got nothing. I finally went to his website. I was greeted with a series of drop down menu’s and questions. One of the prompts was “Please enter your zip code”. I had to google search a California zip code because I don’t live there. Yeah, I fudged, I admit it. I’m stubborn that way. I wasn’t about to let a silly zip code stand in the way of justice for a soldier. I saw on my screen a polite “thank you but” screen. I hit back on my browser, and entered in my Virginia zip code. Again, it was game over. I didn’t even get a link or re-direct to his party in Virginia. Seriously? He didn’t have to like my Rep in VA but he was part of the party right? Where was the “let’s agree to disagree” web page that each representative had access to? Crickets. So much for technology and social media. Communication was dead. Apparently it was every man for himself; rather disturbing if you ask me. What happened to team work and working together for a cause?

I finally took to posting the article about Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi to Facebook. Every time there was an update, I posted it. Months passed but there was not a day that went by that I didn’t think about him. He was held there for 214 days. He and his family were in my daily prayers. Some people called him a wild horse. I find that the greatest thing about wild horses is that they are magnificent in the sunlight. They run freely. In the moments of calm when they are still, the true beauty shines. We should embrace and appreciate that. I think that Reba McEntire and Hootie and the Blowfish would agree, it’s “Just like them horses”, “If the sun comes up tomorrow let her be”. She raged the day before and made a difference.

The Article about Sgt Tahmooressi’s release:




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